Elden Ring PC Specifications And PlayStation Xbox Efficiency Comprehensive

Elder Ring, the long-awaited Souls-like from game director Hideaway Miyazaki, is beginning February 25. And as part of the run-up to release, Banzai NAMC has actually launched comprehensive specs on its PC, PlayStation, and also Xbox versions.

The details come from the Banzai NAMC site. On computer, the game provides 4K resolution with HDR and ray tracing, with the frame rate topped at 60fps. On gaming consoles the efficiency will certainly vary based upon your PlayStation or Xbox version, however both PS5 and Xbox Collection X support 4K, 60fps in Efficiency Setting, and HDR. Ray mapping will be contributed to both using a spot. You can have a look at the complete performance notes, consisting of PS4 as well as Xbox One, below.

Likewise as kept in mind on the site, the PS4 version can be ported to PS5 as well as your save information will move, however it s a one-way street. You can not go back to PS4 or switch between them. Xbox platforms will have cross-generation compatibility, allowing you play throughout both.

We recently got a much lengthier appearance at Elder Ring, together with the confirmation of an enthusiast s edition. For more information take a look at our Elder Ring preorder guide.

Elder Ring Computer Specs.

Maximum resolution: As much as 3840x2160P.
Frame rate: Approximately 60 FPS.
HDR: Supported.
Ray mapping (through patch): Supported.

Elder Ring PlayStation Efficiency.

| PS4|PS4 Pro|PS5.

Elden Ring | NETWORK TEST File Size & Game Size, Collector's Edition
— |– |– |–.
Optimum Resolution|Approximately 1920x1080p|Approximately 3200x1800p|As much as 3840x2160p.
Frame rate|Up to 30fps|Up to 30fps|Approximately 60fps.
Ray mapping (by means of spot)|Not supported|Not supported|Supported.

Elder Ring Xbox Performance.

| Xbox One/S|Xbox One X|Xbox Series S|Xbox Collection S.
— |– |– |– |–.
Maximum resolution|Approximately 1600x900p|Up to 3840x2160p|As much as 2560x1440p|Up to 3840x2160p.
Frame rate|Approximately 30fps|Up to 30fps|As much as 60fps|Up to 60fps.
HDR|Not supported|Supported|Supported|Supported.
Ray tracing (through patch)|Not supported|Not supported|Not supported|Supported.

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