Ondey Ondeh The Metronomik Studio briefly presents its upcoming title

After taking out their first game in 2020, the Developers of Metronome chained and announce their second project: Ondeh has only been unveiled through a short teaser just animated, but we already know some of its essential components, starting by Malaysian culture.

According to Wan Hammer, co-founder of the Metronome studio, who has given some details about the project, it is the approval of the players towards the cultural elements already present in No Straight Roads which gave the studio the necessary confidence to push the knob a little further. To the point that this second title comes to bring the name of a Malaysian pastry, and that it even connects this specificity to its game design \ — without knowing for the moment how.

Ondeh will be, as his elder, centered on his audio dimension, but at the same time quite far from his explosive artistic direction. For Diem Dziauddin, co-founder and director, Ondeh will be more bizarre than it was No Straight Roads. No output window for the moment, but fuzzy brackets: new generation consoles.

Metronomik Presents ONDEH ONDEH - Debut Teaser

Ondeh — Teaser Announcement

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