Who is the time of the winner forecast SWC 2021 champion

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Com2us enjoys a wide range of events in the World Finals of the Global E Sports Competition Summer Mourners World Arena Championship 2021 (SWC2021) of the Global E-Sports Competition, which enjoys Google Play and Google Play.

Summer Noun: The SWC2021 World Final to cover the global back of E-sports s Global s stronger E-sports SWC2021 World Final is held at 2:00 pm on November 13. In the game, BIG, Already, including Korea s Second baby and Jack- in the Asia Pacific region, and BIG and Already in the Americas, and 8 players representing each region, including ANDROID and ISMOO, such as ANDROID and ISMOO, in Europe.

Com2us proceeds to the SWC2021 final stage, waiting for the tournament for the competition, Summer Hours Carriers E-Sports fans, and the forecast events to increase the fun of their watchmaking. Up to 1:30 pm on the 13th, Summer Gourd game event page is forecasting each game, depending on each round, the summons of mystery, such as a mysterious summary, will be presented as a gift.

If the forecast predicted of all the games from the 8th tournament to the finals, it is possible to obtain a total of 35 pieces of summoning of the mystery,

SWC 2021 World Finals Prediction Event - My Take on who will win it! [Summoners War]
A gift payment event for the World Final Live Metropolitan City Hall Users. The SWC2021 World Final Global Live Dynasty will pay a special gift by step whenever the number of cumulative viewers exceeded a certain number.

In addition, an event to receive the SWC2021 summary, which celebrates the SWC2021 World Final, is also proceeding. The SWC2021 Summoner is a special summary that allows you to create and summon a list of your own monsters of water, fire, and wind attributes. From November 28 to 28, Scenario, Arena and World Arena, such as Summer Mourners battle content, will receive the SWC2021 summons and various items according to the cumulative acquired points.

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SWC2021 World Final Cumulative Event Participation and World Final Cumulative Viewers Achievement Compensation and Summer Nu rums Carriers and Summers Wow E Sports Official YouTube Channel Visit can be obtained with a bonus.

Meanwhile, the SWC2021 World Final will be held in a non-cotton online manner and will be live through Summer Journey e Sports YouTube Channel and Twitch, Never TV, and African TV with a professional commentary on various languages.

More information on events and SWC2021 World Finals can be found through the official brand page.

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