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Sony and Samsung seem to compose Ranging in mobile image sensors market, sets out the CMOS image sensor (CIS) production expansion. Sony is building additional new fab in collaboration with TSMC to increase the CIS production. SEC proposes new conditions for investment in facilities to process partner then plan to, further expanding the volume was switched some production lines in the D-RAM CIS line.

■ smartphones, XR devices, drones, autonomous cars, including CIS demand

Be required at camera image sensor can be mounted on a five-digit grab smartphones also being increased. In front of one historical smartphones, one shot back of the two camera modules dwaetjiman applied recently been converted into a trend that one front, a total of five camera modules are mounted to the rear 4 (quart). Smartphones, as well as XR (Mixed Reality), an image sensor demand in areas such as drones, autonomous driving car trend is increasing rapidly.

According to market research firm Joel Di Bella Entertainment Rob mobile sales in the entire CIS market last year, 20.7 billion US dollars (about 24.2024 trillion won) in size accounts for more than 72%. This is a lot of CIS shipments in the smartphone market, it also means higher profitability. CIS market has grown from 2021 to 2026 at an average annual rate of 5.4% is expected to grow to market size in 2026 is 28.4 billion US dollars (32.0834 trillion won).

The Only REAL

In the CIS market, Sony has only one tea overwhelming share, the second-ranked Samsung and the gap is narrowing every year. According to Joel Development Rob garment share of the last Sony it was reduced by 2% over the previous year (42%) to 40%. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics shares rose slightly by 1 percentage point to 22% more than in 2019 (21%). The two companies aim of further strengthening its presence in the CIS market with aggressive investments again.

■ Sony teamed up with TSMC strengthen CIS Investment

Sony plans to further expand its capacity to protect the image sensor share. 9 (Reuters) — Sony today announced the construction of 70 billion (about 8.26 trillion won) in cooperation with foundry TSMC in Taiwan in 2022 Japan Kyushu Yamamoto 22-28 nanoscale semiconductor plant (fab). 12-inch wafer has a monthly production capacity of 45,000 sheets is expected to begin mass production from 2024.

The two companies formed a joint venture to operate the plant in Yamamoto Prefecture, and Sony has invested $500 million (approximately 590 billion won). Sony and its subsidiary Sony Semiconductor Solutions plans to acquire a stake of less than 20%, the majority of the shares has management rights to TSMC holds.

Japan s Nixon Kazan Shim bun analyzed, including a strategy for local media in Bellini the gap with Samsung Electronics and TSMC maengchugyeok in the image sensor market for association strategy for Sony. This is Sony s goal of elevating the image sensor market share to 60% by 2025.

Before Sony has increased its production to begin production in the past four CIS smartphones with new fab it was completed in May from April, Nagasaki (area 40,000 8000㎡). CIS production of Sony s mid-level yieoteuna 11 million in 2019, and produced approximately 137,000 pages in the third quarter basis. Sony kernel through April 28 said that the next quarter (October-December) is planning to operate the 138,000 per month.

The proportion of the total CIS mobile business, Sony is more than 70%. Current supply and CIS for mobile smartphones, Apple, Huawei.

■ Samsung filed a refurbished D-RAM production line CIS

Samsung Electronics has shuffled the capital investment for production expansion CIS. The third place was Samsung s image sensor market in 2014 by a right-click Univision up 2, aims to increase the production motivation further narrow the gap above 1.

Samsung has switched the D-RAM 11 lines of Mars plant from the end of last year to produce the S4 line CIS. The industry is a situation which is observed REA be overhauled to produce D-RAM 13 CIS also raised lines. The image sensor is a straightforward item switching arrangement similar to the RAM and approximately 80% D process.

In addition, Samsung Electronics is reportedly the second half of this year proposed a new facility investments to fair partner after the CIS in accordance with the increase in production volume. CIS test the first vendors Samsung has tested me, is the second vendor LB Semicon.

LB Semicon and said it was the third quarter of this year, wearing new CIS test equipment. Tess and has also disclosed that one in August to buy new test equipment of 81.8 billion won scale CIS increased volume of Samsung Electronics. This increase in the production of Samsung Electronics CIS is observed over the next year.

Samsung supplies the CIS in its smartphone Va a-o, VITO, including Greater China Xiaomi smartphone cameras, including the Galaxy brand.

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