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In an interview with IGN unfiltered, in which it was about the 10th anniversary of Skyrim, whose continued and star field, Todd Howard talked about the projects that The Elder Scrolls 6 crowded.

Would you plan such a gap as the between Skyrim and the successor? I can not say that this is a good thing, says Howard. Would I wish me to swing a wand and the game we wanted to do, […] just? Definitely.

A priority project was, among other things, Fallout 76. And if Bethesda The Elder Scrolls 6 had given the priority, would be unclear whether they really do something new.

We had the feeling that we wanted to do something like Star field… We wanted to do something else for a long time and play in a new universe, so if not now — I go back in time, we started right after Fallout 4, so 2015 — if not now, when then? I had the feeling if we do not make it now, that could, when also never, says Howard.

Bethesda Game Studios finally decided to promote Star field and postpone the Elder Scrolls 6 to the future. Both games were announced at E3 2018, and Star field is scheduled for the end of next year. The Elder Scrolls 6, on the other hand, is still in pre-production. And that could definitely mean that Elder-Scrolls fans have to wait a few more years before they can finally visit Tamil.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is removed years

Little information about Elder Scrolls 6 has become known, and Todd Howard described the game in June still as in the design phase. The Elder Scrolls 6 and Star field use an updated version of the Creation Engine, which will be a huge leap to Skyrim.

In the description of what he would change to Skyrim, Howard gave an indication of the future direction of the series:

Todd Howard on Skyrim's Legacy, Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, and More! - IGN Unfiltered #61

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There are a number of places in [Skyrim], where we do not go deep enough, where the game in terms of its interactivity is only one facade. […] If we think about games and what we want to do in the future, then it s okay… Whatever the system is… How deep we can do it? The other thing is how I and NPCs interact with an interact. That s something I think we still have a long way in front of us.

Ultimately, the success of The Elder Scrolls Online Bethesda gave confidence to focus on Star field, Howard:

Everything lasts longer than we would like to have it, but we want to make sure we do it right. Hopefully, Elder Scrolls is 6 — you do not want to say that this type of waiting time is worth — but it will meet the series as she was, in a huge, influential manner, when it comes out.

Star field is scheduled for Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 11, 2022, while Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition will be released tomorrow.

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