With the rhythm game of Roll Riot Games Hexstak Mayham announced

Riot Games will use the IP to challenge the rhythm game.

November 9, Riot Games announced the rhythm game based on the IP . The development of the US video game developer was taken by Choice Provisions (Choice Provisions). The main character of is crying, Ha Maid s interruption of Ha Maid, throwing bombs to rhythm, and avoid obstacles, and to defeat. The release date is November 16, 2021, and plans to be released on Nintendo switches and PCs.

HEXTECH MAYHEM - New League of Legends GAME ANNOUNCED! Release date and full details

In addition, is also available as Netflix. Netflix s subscribers will be able to enjoy the game through mobile apps without purchasing separate. Netflix launch date of Heated Madam was not announced yet.

is a game developed as part of Riot POI. Riot AJO is a publishing label established for the purpose of expanding the worldview through partnership with external developers and fully established a completely new game.

Riot Pure is a

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