Another novelty in Albion Online will be the main hiding places

This Albion Online is really crazy with new products. Changes and new products that Upgrade Lands Awakened will be introduced (November 24) are huge! Developers now inform you about the next ones — main hiding places and power cords.

Power cores are new goals to take over in the open world. They appear anywhere on Rubaiyat and have their shield. When it is active, they are marked on the map, but you can not enter any interactions with them. After a short time, the shield disappears and the players not on the mount can raise and carry the power core.

Albion Online Game Settings Tips and Tricks

If the player kill or drop the core, this one will stay here for a few minutes. The cores can be taken over in a hiding place held by a player s guild that takes it. Why to do it? This increases the power level of the hideout, thus increasing its craft bonuses! In addition, the entry into the hideout set as House provides a temporary premium for fame (based on the power level of the hideout) on the railings.

Girdles can designate a hiding place on the main hide. It is resistant to an attack if it has an appropriate level of power, but it must be kept all the time, because otherwise the shield will weaken. In addition, the guild must gain the right number of seasonal points in the preceding season to qualify for the main hiding place and bonuses associated with each other.

Everything is shocked in the material below.

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