COD VANGUARD PRESTIGE explained How to gain prestige all the rewards and the maximum level of prestige

Telephone Call of Duty (brief COD) is a computer system game collection of the US Author Activision from the style of the ego shooter. The gamer generally takes control of the function of a soldier in a war situation. The initial title of the series, established by Infinity Ward, was launched in the autumn of 2003 and plays in The second world war. Later titles are located in contemporary or futuristic, yet typically fictitious scenarios. Along with the primarily linear single gamer project, the different multiplayer choices create a main emphasis of the collection. New video games are released in an annual rhythm, most just recently called Telephone call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold was (2020).
The series is among the biggest and most successful video game franchise business. By November 2009, greater than 55 million games were sold, making the collection complete earnings of even more than $3 billion. In 2011, more than 500 developers worked at the Telephone call of Task brand. Along with Infinity Ward, the Studios Trey arch as well as Sledgehammer Games coming from Activision are accountable for the growth of repairs, there are various other designer studios of Activision, which sustains support for development.

As has been the case with all series games until now, there is a system Cod Vanguard Prestige to help you stay up to date on WWII FPS Activision and Sledgehammer Games. In this guide, we will explain how Prestige, all rewards for this, how it works Prestige in the appropriate seasons of Cod Vanguard, starting with season 1 on December 2, and what is the maximum level of prestige.

prestigious in Cod Vanguard

To achieve prestige, you must reach the player level 55 or the Commander Range. At this point, it will automatically change to Prestige 1.

As of that moment, the Prestige de Cod Vanguard system is transformed into a seasonal update system. Next, he gains prestige at the following levels in the current period of preseason before the start of season 1 on December 2:

Prestige 2 — Level of season 50
Prestige 3 — seasonal level 100

How the prestige works in the seasons of COD VANGUARD

Once the season 1 begins correctly, the Prestige de Cod Vanguard system becomes a bit complicated. The levels of prestige will remain the same, with a new prestigious unlock after every 50 levels completed.

However, at the end of season 1, if you were at level 125, for example, your season level would be reset to 100 in season 2, which means you would lose the progress you made up to your fourth prestige at level 150. Then you will have to go through 50 levels in season 2 to reach the level of season 150 and prestige 4.

It sounds a bit confusing, but it will make more sense when it really happens in the game. The best advice we can offer is that if you are about to reach another prestige with only a few days for the end, do everything you can get it and avoid having to redo more than 40 levels for solely, return to where you were. If it does not do so, it will significantly slow down your progress towards maximum prestige in Cod Vanguard.

What you get prestigious

In the preseason period in which we are currently, Sledgehammer Games revealed that the rewards for each of the three levels of prestige are the following:

Is Your LEVEL GLITCHED After Entering PRESTIGE 1? - Call of Duty Vanguard (Level System Explained)

Prestige 1: prestigious emblem, battle pass level jump
Prestige 2: prestigious emblem, battle pass level jump, weapon plane
Prestige 3: prestigious emblem, level jump on the battle pass

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What is the maximum level of prestige?

It is a bit unknown at this point, since it is possible that each future season has a different number of prestigious levels so that the players achieve it.

As such, we can not say with certainty what would be the level of final prestige, but we are safe enough to say there will be at least 10 prestigious in Cod Vanguard for a total of 1000 season levels to adjust.

That s all you need to know How Prestige in Cod Vanguard. To get more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to investigate FPS Activision or consult more of our game coverage below.

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