Battlefield 2042 receives harsh criticisms by the name of one of the aspects of his specialists

Battlefield 2042 is about to take his intense war to our homes, and it seems that there is a desire to shoot, after his beta gathered almost 8 million players between PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Although not everything have been good news for people, who have been accused of lack of sensitivity representing the Russian intervention at Ukraine of 2014.

The use of the name was not intentional says The controversy was born by one of the aspects of the Russian specialist Pyotr Boris Guskovsky, one of Boris s Master s levels shows the appearance to which Han says called green man, a term associated with unidentified Russian troops occupied and blocked the Simferopol International Airport, most Military Bases of Crimea and the Simferopol Parliament.

Why Specialists are RISKY | Stats Aren't the Whole Story | Battlefield 2042

The developer promises to change it in a next update The use of the term by Says has resulted offensive for some players, who have laid the developer who have trivialized with conflict. It has not been slow to apologize and thank the help of users to make positive changes in the game. The company has ensured that the use of the name was not intentional.

In addition to the response to one of the users, it has made a statement through the official Battlefield account on Twitter where they have explained that thanks to the users, they have been able to detect the fact that the aspect refers to A real world problem and that does not reflect the values ​​of the team, so that they will proceed to change it in a next update. Battlefield 2042 will arrive next November 19 to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and if you want to know more about the EA shooter, you have our analysis available, where Mario Gómez tells us the tasks pending the last Delivery of the veteran war franchise.

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