Darmstadt extended with Holland and Bader

The football club St. Pauli of 1910 e. V., short FC St. Pauli, is a multi-divisional sporting activities club from the Hamburg area of St. Pauli. The beginning date is 15 May 1910; The club shades are brownish and also white. The organization has 22 divisions in various techniques of power and also width sporting activities. The most popular and members-strongest energetic division is the football department whose first male s interplay in the 2nd Bundesliga. Your place is the Millerntor Arena on the Heiligengeistfeld near the Reeperbahn, which is why players are likewise described as Kiezlilies.

Good news in the defensive of the table-four SV Darmstadt 98: With Matthias Baker and Fabian Holland, two absolute regular players of the lilies extend their running working papers. For left-back and captain Holland (31), who has been under contract since 2015 at the intestinal towns and now bound by 2024, this is a matter of the heart: Lilies have long since become my heart club, not without reason I am now a member Darmstadt 98. My identification with the club, the city and the people are huge. My family feels totally well here, which is why I wanted to worry about clarity at an early stage.

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Heart Association Darmstadt fulfills expectations

Similarly happy about being equal to 2025 expanded working paper shows off right defending Matthias Baker. My hopes and expectations on my arrival almost two years ago, more than just confirmed. I feel very well with the lilies, privately I have also arrived in Darmstadt, I find that the club develops in the right direction and If my contract signature wants to contribute my part to the continuity, commented on the 24-year-old, which had come 2020 from 1 FC Cologne, his signature.

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With the contract extensions, we have created clarity at an early age in important staff. Both FBI and Matze have shown their athletic value and their bond with the Lilies during their time in Darmstadt, knows the sporting director of the Lilies, Carsten Riemann, to the relevance of the two actors — and leads out: Also in the current season, they prove their meaning as a player and identification figures and go on the field as well as away from the lawn. We are pleased that they are already showing the way of the path SV 98 and want to shape them decisively in the future.

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