Only until Monday 5 GB Data volume for only 5 55 euros per month Display

At mobile contract.DE you currently get a unbeatable offer. Secure a mobile phone contract with 5 GB data volume for only 5.55 euros per month. Similarly, it will be at SIM.DE. There are namely 6 GB data volume for only 6.66 euros. The offers are only until next Monday, the 22.11. at 11 o clock in the morning valid.

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5 GB Data volume for only 5.55 euros: So good is the offer

5 GB data volume are approximately lower middle class. If you do not stream the music and videos, you should come absolutely easily by the month. Long calls are also no problem, a matching Flat is included in the package.

On price comparison pages the deal cuts off particularly well. A comparable tariff you get elsewhere currently first from at least 7.99 Euro monthly. Your saves every month over two Euro. Your phone number You can also relax free of charge to the new provider take.

The connection price in the amount of 19.99 Euro you can also save yourself. For this you have to directly choose the option with a minimum contract period from 24 months. If you pay the 19.99 euros, you can cancel the contract at any time.

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Mobile Treaty.DE is part of the renowned Drillisch Online Group. This is a reputable provider without hidden costs and similar annoyances. With Mobile Treaty, you surf the fast and stable Telefonica network.

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Alternative: 6 GB Data volume for 6.66 euros a month

SIM.DE is also part of Drillisch and currently has a very similar offer in Petty. You get 6 GB data volume for only 6.66 euros monthly. Just like the upper deal, this is the current best price.

For a comparable tariff, you will otherwise pay at least 8.99 euros. The conditions also equal to those of the upper supply. The phone number you take free with, and you can choose between a minimum contract period from 24 months and the option with monthly termination. For the latter, you pay a connection price from 19.99 euros.

To the offer of SIM.DE

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