Diabo II Resark Waiting Time Significantly Shell in early December

Blizzard Entertainment has published information about the current status of Diablo II Resurrected and Patch 2.3 for delivering early December.

Although updates are continued to solve problems due to server load, the latency was significantly reduced at present. Also, because the database has been migrated for each region, it is not possible to generate data winding back online.

In addition, with regard to the rewind in the offline, the auto save is not implemented, so it is alerting that Save and exit from the option, and it is scheduled to be implemented on auto save offline in parallel. It is said that there is.

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In addition, the contents of the patch 2.3 that are scheduled to be distributed in early December is also released. As a new feature that is implemented in addition to defect correction / improvement, offline difficulty scaling, quick cast and key assignment options for play by keyboard mouse, improvement of UI visual, improvement of gameplay and sound effects, NVIDIA DSS compatible It means that it will be done. You can check the details here.

Diablo II Remarks scheduled for PTR (Public Test Server) for online environmental stability is also distributed for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Nintendo switch /Windows (Battle.net) It is inside.

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