FIFA 22 Mobile in the beta

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Like many other developers, EA Sports wants to put more focus on the mobile players in the future, the future of the gaming seems to take place on the smartphone. In the night on Tuesday, the beta for Android users was made accessible via the Google Play Store, which is regionally limited, the pre-release version is based on players from India, Romania and Canada.

In Germany, the FIFA fans must therefore exit for the time being from votes from these three countries — and the feedback will be surprisingly positively positive. The relationship between the FIFA series and their supporters has always been the most likely a assist, the faithful community is almost always valid criticisms. For the mobile version, it seems to be tuned for aridity.

Fut is there, release date still open

The pretty unanimous tenor testifies to considerable graphics elements and a decent functionality of game mechanics, but there are other voices forecasting new trouble for the time after the release. First, EA Sports may enjoy positive feedback and to erase some discovered sources of error. A release date is not fixed yet, the full version will also be available in Germany.

Of course, a set of FIFA 22 is to be expected, which is not comparable to the console variant. Nevertheless, smartphone players can look forward to the popular FUT mode, Ultimate Team has been live since the 18th of November. In addition, the developer integrates four game modes: In Head To Head, attack situations of their own team must be played to earn rewards.

In campaign mode, opponents from around the world can be started, another mode sees two halves of two minutes each. Finally, there will be temporally limited events that have unique rewards ready — quasi promos. First tester attest to the Mobile offshoot of FIFA 22 significant progress compared to predecessors, the final release will bring certainty.

LEADER GAMING NEWS UND Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on early game.

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