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The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. Therefore, it is the main plan explosion play repo to deliver the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver live content about Toy Tinker Simulator released for PC (Steam) from Turquoise Revival Games and Grabthegames on November 21, 2021.

Toy Tinker Simulator

This work is a simulator work to be a toy repair shop as its name. The player will receive a toy repair request from the client and develop the workplace while earning money. If the player’s level goes up, metal toys floods will also be handled, and there are elements such as playing with museum management, redo toy.

First, as a tutorial, we will repair the Wooden Automobile project for beginners. Laptop Selecting a project from the screen displays a tool to repair this toy. Since the protagonist does not have a tool at the start point, first, let’s buy the necessary items on the market screen.

What is necessary to repair this train is Chisel (Naomi ※ Japanese setting is a sword, but…) Ultrasonic cleaning machine. If you align the tools, you will be able to order relevant projects. It is also nice to be a safe specification that does not become a situation where money is inserted, and the money is not enough.

The main character who received the project and received the project. Come on, it is the first work start!

Close to the actual content of Toy Tinker Simulator !

In this work, each task in repair needs to be performed by mouse operation. First, observe the toys placed on the workbench. I will find the seams of toys and rose every part. The parts can be removed by hand, including those that require tools such as fleas and drivers.

Apparently this train is just dirty, so it seems that there is no problem with cleaning. Click to Ultrasonic Washer by clicking each part of the broken parts. Put the cleaning machine switch and wait for a while, and assemble the beautiful parts in its original shape again.

The assembly work is easy if you click on the parts and proceed automatically. Parts such as wheels are completed separately and incorporated into the main unit, but you must think of the order to click, but it is not difficult. This way to take a picture of the train that regained the brilliance safely and send the product to the client, the project is complete! After delivery, you will get money and experience values. It is a very nice element that shows the comparison picture before and after the project.

After the tutorial end (skip), you will be able to freely receive a project. At first, you can only receive beginners, but if you raise the level, you will be able to receive more complicated and rewarding projects.

Improve your workplace and expand your project!

Toy Tinker Simulator, Episode 1: Fix the Toys - Let's Play
The first project was simple tools, but it is necessary to introduce new equipment and tools when the game progresses.

In addition to fleas purchased for the tool, drivers (+/-), wrench etc. are prepared for each size. In addition, it is also quite abundant items such as dye such as color scoop such as colored play and varnish, dirt drop-off detergent and sponge to restore peeled paint. These tools are consumable, so let’s go further timely.

The equipment that can be added can be added, Sanding block and Grinder (polishing and grinding with rotating wheels) Electric Thunder (Polishing and Grinding with Sandpaper). Depending on the project, 3D printer and solder stations used in infrastructure repair are also available. Equipment is expensive, but introduced will increase repair options. It is recommended to purchase with a project if you can afford to Marine a little.

In the metal product project, the details such as the tire and wheel of wheels and remove the handle of the car door are also increasing. By the way, the work is if even is it is not failed if you have a tool if it is a game only with mouse clicks and drags, think that the amount of work is simply increased. It is fun because it is also a big product, so it is fun.

When I’m tired of the task of the task, it is a stuffed toy repair to be healing. The stuffed toy is dirty and dirty on the start of the project, and it looks like a very shabby look (rude to the client). The repair is washing with detergent → muffled with filling machine, but the reward is not bad, so it’s just a good project.

It is natural that there are many works because it is a simulator, but it tends to be exhausted if it is repeated Leisure & Kiss in 30 parts of the 30 parts. In such a case, the cleaning work that works with one stuffed and one button is healing itself.

Museum Management & Mini Games!

By promoting the game and raising the level, new elements will be released. In the Museum released when it becomes level 15, unlike the work so far, you will be able to purchase and repair your own broken toys.

The museum is owned at the beginning, and a variety of locations are available. Management is started by putting the number of toys set in the museum, and a bonus is attached when the project is completed. Buy a building, it will be necessary to buy a glitter, such as buying a toy for a museum, so it is better to put out your hand since the game progresses.

Also, when it comes to level 25, it will be the master level, and you will be able to play with Master-class toys repaired. There are many types of toys that can be played, and from the things that are just looking like Zen Mai and beat the drum, there are also radio controls and drones that players can operate. Why to play football and basketball, so let’s move the body if you get bored with a toy repair.

Besides that, it is possible to buy furniture from the market and decorate the room. Some rooms include furniture and tanks that can be interacted. By buying a TV, it is quite fun because the photos of the toy who have repaired so far will be slid.

Toy Tinker Simulator introduced here. This work is a fairly simple operation of operation and is not a sophisticated simulator. However, there is a feeling of being able to play while touching various things, and I think it is attractive for people who want to polish metal with sand blasting.

Speaking of greed, I was glad that coloring and stickers were changed by their own preference, but it is the purpose of this work of repairing toys in the original form to the last. It is also fun to see the finished items of the visual color, etc.

Toy Tinker Simulator is being delivered for PC (Steam).

Title: TOY Tinker Simulator
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