Toni Kroos questioned Ballon d Or

Six days ago, Toni Kroos met at Real Madrid’s victory in Parasol and was then allowed to interview with the man-of-the-match award in his hands. There, the former national player told what he repeated Simply Test Louis in his podcast Simply Tales : I’m not interested in individual awards.

This time Crews refused his statement on the award of the balloon d’Or, finally you choose a single king in a team sport. But, so Crews, if it already exists (awards, d. Red.) Then, then you should do justice. And that’s not the case in my eyes this time. That’s why you can just say that as someone who runs over the meadow as well.

Why Juls sees Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d’Or | ESPN FC

Brother Felix Crews did not agree with the election, the former professional would have seen Mohamed Salah at position two and Robert Lewandowski instead of Lionel Messi at the front. Toni Kroos agreed: That, which is not true in the choice, is mainly the first place. For me Jericho on the three, because he won everything. Lewandowski at the two, he would have shot at me too. But for me Benzema would have been one, if you really wanted the best single player of last year, because I can also look up close, which is a superior footballer he is.

His Madrid teammate was instead fourth, Salah seventh. And still a small thing disturbed Crews: If I see how many crucial goals Cristiano has also made lately — that Manchester is still in the Champions League, is alone to him — then Cristiano would still be in my opinion before Messi came. Ronaldo ranked six between N’Gold Kane and Salah.

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