In Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will also be able to dress hard men as delicate Maids

The Add-on End walker stands in final Fantasy XIV in front of the door. In addition to the numerous content updates, a small but fine feature that makes such a player happy. The gender lock is lifted with several garments.

That’s why: On December 3 at 10:00 in the morning, the servers will go online from FFI and the Early Access of the new Add-on’s End Walker begins. This brings a huge amount of content that the players can now reading in the detailed patch notes.

A small change has prepared one or the other player but especially pleasure. In the notes, it is announced that a whole series of equipment items with end walker will lose their gender lock.

A total of 31 items can be worn from both sexes from 3 December. Pretty dresses like the maid outfit for the gentlemen, but also send Sacco like the butler outfit for the ladies.

The lifting of the gender lock in clothes is an old topic in FFI. Again and again there are in the official forums and on social media asking the developer team of the MMORPG to remove the lock. With the Add-on End Walker, this wish meets the players.

Accordingly, there were a few posts between all posts to celebrate end walkers and the adoption of Shadow bringers, which were pleased about the abolition of gender lock.

That has been changed: The lifting of the gender lock on the clothes is a process that was announced by Director Yeshiva in an interview with Kodak in 2019 and began in February 2020.

At that time, the restrictions were lifted at the wedding clothing and the playboy bunny costume. As a result, men could wear clothes and pussy ears.

When the Great 24-Man Raid was introduced to Near Automata, there were no restrictions on the clothing of the Android 2B. It can be freely worn by all.

The male rabbits come

What other cancellations are in End walker? With end walkers, the old dream of a large part of the FFI community is also fulfilled: the so far purely female four is already in male from 3 December.

This means that players can now also create male fours as playable characters. As a test for this already served the benchmark for the Add-on End Walker. In the character creator you could already try the hare boys and tinker to his desired character.

Final Fantasy XIV finally brings the male rabbits that many have missed so much

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