Final Fantasy XIV So easily you get the cool diabolos

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Early access from the new Add-on End walker Final Fantasy XIV is there and players can now enjoy a variety of content. It is the chic accessible diablos wing, which you can easily get at the beginning.

Caution: The article may potentially contain spoilers at the first hours of end walkers.

So you get the wings: To get to the place you will receive the wings, you must first play through the intro of End walker and arrive in the new city of Charlatan.

There you will receive the freedom about your character after some story sequences and can move in the city. As soon as you have completed the story quest Lustwandeln in Alt-Sharlayan, you get access to a beside quest called High Hunting the Hats 1.

In old Charlatan x: 11.7 / y: 13.2

Talk to her to unlock the high hunt in the new fields. Then you can watch the new goods of the guild right next door to the NPC J’Lakshmi.

There you will also find the Diablos wings, which you can immediately exchange for 800 up trophies, if you have collected in Shadow bringers.

You can also buy: In addition to the wings, the good charter still has a wide range of useful things that you can also buy directly if you have the necessary trophies. This includes:

The new companion Marxian cat
Note roll Unwed
The training doll for Level 90
And lots of new Level IX and X Material

FFXIV The Diablo Armament / Dalriada Final Boss

The Early Access is so far: Early access to the new content started on 3 December at 10:00. It was immediately made queues from places up to 8,000 players.

While a part of the players came through and played relatively quickly, others had to beat the mistakes in 2002 and 5006, which they threw out of the snake. That made sure they had to restore back and muster so many the mood.

All information about end walkers can be found in the following article:

Final Fantasy XIV brings new extension End Walker — Release Date and all info

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