GTA Online All Bonus and Discounts from December 2 8

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After an intense month in which the blows have had a special protagonism in GTA Online, the game has returned to normal with its usual promotions, discounts and gifts, so in the following guide we are going to detail everything you will find during you during The week from 2 to 8 December.

All Bonus and Discounts from December 2-8

You wait for a few days when you will not stop playing, because there are several game modes with which you can get more rewards of the normal, something that will be ideal for those who look for an excuse to get full In the GTA V multiplayer.

Podium vehicle

Your weekly appointment with the casino The Diamond Casino & Resort can not miss, since here is waiting for the Roulette of La Fortuna to try to take you Diner, clothing, appetizers and other great prizes, such as the podium vehicle. On this occasion the chosen one has been Mammoth Squad die, a piece of military equipment that can be perfectly used by the city.

items to get free

We come from a few weeks in which a huge amount of free articles and Rock star have wanted to repeat the play once again, so a lot of eyes with these other guides that we have prepared to do with a new shirt and a Car without paying anything for them.

How to get free the PRIG Manor t-shirt
How to get free car Emperor Secure from December 2 to 13

Rewards and additional bonuses

As we have previously pointed out, this time there are more game modes than normal with which you will receive more money and reputation points of normal and are all the following:

Car Meet : In this place, careers are waiting for you, so it does not matter what you choose to hang out, because all of them will give you twice a reputation points.
Air hunters : In this mode a group of traffickers must put feet in dusty of a hunter equipment that will do everything possible to reduce them to ash. Just by playing you will win twice the dollars and points of reputation.
Mobile Operations : Until December 13 you will take you twice as many rewards when you start this type of special missions from your base.
BUNKER series : Those who have an underground lair and participate in any of the available modes will get until triple dollars and reputation points.
Arms Traffic : The demand for weapons is being quite high, so take advantage to carry out this type of missions to earn double dollars and points of reputation.


This week you can take advantage to acquire your own bunker, because they are 40% discount, as well as their improvements, renovations and modifications. Along with all this, there are also numerous vehicles that have reduced their price and are all these:

GTA Online Discounts, Bonuses & News (2nd December 2021)

Jo built P-996 Later — $4,550,000 (before 6,500,000 dollars, 30% discount)
Zaibatsu penumbra FF — $897,000 (before $1,380,000, discount of 35%)
Jugular ocelot — 796,250 dollars (before 1,225,000 dollars, discount of 35%)
PEGASUS stormiest — $863,850 (before 1,329,000 dollars, discount of 35%)


The icing on the cake puts it The Subscription of Prime Gaming, because all those who are targeted at this service and have linked their account with the Social Club de Rockstar Games will receive $100,000 simply by playing at any time this week.

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