Hannover 96 Christoph Dabrowski could remain permanent chief coach

Christoph Borowski, Polish Krzysztof Borowski, (birthed July 1, 1978, in Katowice, Poland) is a former German football gamer and current instructor.

InterimScoach Christoph Borowski has good chances of staying head coach from Hanover 96 even over Christmas.

If he succeeds and walking the three games well, he would have brought a clear detection, said majority shareholder Martin child the staying headbüzzer.

The former Bundesliga professional and U19 coach of the football second division had initially taken over the profited last week after the separation of Jan Zimmermann for a game.

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On Sunday, the 96s won under his head with 1-0 against the Hamburg SV. staying heads director Marcus Man announced that, for the time being until the winter break with Borowski.

Decisive was Mann’s verdict, that the team shows a different attitude than at Jan Zimmermann, child explained.

The existing trainer candidates We Roller and Daniel Thine were accepted by child and man at the weekend until further notice. With both, the club had negotiated last week.

With the preliminary confirmation of Borowski, the 96s now assume that Roller and Thine may not be available after Christmas. Such an impression could arise, said child. We have to wait for the reactions.

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