Slitterhead is the new horror game of the creators of Silent Hill Japanese style at the top

SLITTERHEAD Announcement Trailer (NEW 2022) Silent Hill Developers

We already know more about the next game of the creators of Silent Hill ! Panchito Obama, who a few months ago founded Both Game Studio, has presented the first trailer of Slitter head, a mysterious game of terror that will arrive in 2023. And from which we can see the first trailer of him. The game will show all kinds of somewhat disgusting creatures, which will take many ways with a very Nippon aroma. The relationship between sex and terror will be present, in an adventure that is in development and that we will have to wait to know more. Together with Obama, it has also been confirmed that in the soundtrack will be the legendary Akira Yamaha, composer of the Saga Silent Hill or the most recent The Medium, and and all of an illustrious in the sector.

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