Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Gullit team up to launch a new FIFA team

Emil Christensen (born in 1984 in Stockholm), recognized under the label of Eaton, was an expert Counter-Strike player. It is considered among the finest Counter-Strike gamers in the globe, understood for his proficiency of the spray, which includes attracting continually while continuing to be really specific. Today retired, Emil Christensen has actually come to be the manager of a team’s PIN structure. His pseudo comes from a brand of tools he made use of when he exercised ice hockey.

Ninjas in Dramas is a popular eSport organization based in Sweden. The team was born on the competitive scene of Counter Strike in 2000 and had only grown since. Ninjas in Pajamas now has teams in valor orating, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA. The company has announced that it adds a new star to his list. Ninjas in Pajamas will join the Gullet team to sign the European Champion Levi from Weed. Levi de Weerd and the winner of the champion was Ollie Harbin will compete under the new TG.NIP banner.

As part of the new partnership, TG.NIP will join the TGS Master’s program. This means that both stars will be in a ton of tournaments and upcoming events. In addition, as the team cup of the year was canceled for COVID-19, the next competition is scheduled for April 2022. In addition to tournaments, the two players of the brand create more content for the chain of L Organization and Electronic Arts.

The founder of the Gullet team, Core Tubular, was enthusiastic about Partnership with PIN. He said, We are really delighted to associate ourselves with NIP. We have been working together for almost two years now, since Exterior has been transferring Team Gullet to Nip. When EA announced the FRS Masters program, it was time to move cooperation at the next level. The creation of TG.NIP allows us to fully focus on the development of talents within the TEAM GULLET academy while making TG.NIP one of the leading teams fighting for trophies in major tournaments. By associating Levi and Ollie, we have one of the best alignments on the FIFA competitive scene. »

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