Turn based huge mechabatle Wolfstride Using Japanese support Title change is also changed because of the new corona Developer interview

This project to interview the developer of the new indie game to be worried about. This time, OTA IRON Studios development, will deliver a mini-interview to the turn-based giant Mekabatoru that was released on December 7 days for PC Wolf stride developers.

This work, three former criminals pick up the junk of the mechanical cowboy, RPG to compete in the world of mechanical tournament Ultimate Golden God tournament. Dog in the mechanic of Duke, the mechanism of the pilot of the knife Leopard, three Dominique shade of whatever shop is engaged in a giant robot negligence Battle of turn-based battle in the famous opponent and the arena of the world. Japanese not supported in the article at the time of writing.

Wolf stride is being distributed at 1,520 yen.

— First I’d like a self-introduction. What is your favorite game?

OTA Iron Mr. (below OTA) this work of writers, artists, is OTA Iron, who served as director. He is from Brazil.

Thing is my favorite in played in the game until now it is the Metal Gear Solid ! I have a great influence on everything that has been made so far.

— Do the development of this work, why start?

OTA I wanted to try to make the own style game. Because it was like to make characters and stories since I was a child, I say make a game that people what actually playing to others, is exactly what was a dream.

The idea of ​​this work was born in 2016. Because I want to this bet, I had quit the job of game artists. First began to make a game named World of Black. While this is of two little girls in the woods was that hero, if well-thought-out, but I did not know anything such as that of a little girl. And then, I thought trying to make a strategy game which is based on Earth Defense Force. But I would make a character called Dominique shade, this work will proceed towards the unexpected, it was in the form, such as now.

— Please tell us about the features of this work.

OTA this work of style and story I think is that it is quite characteristic. Characters who memorable appeared, I wanted to build up a story memorable. In addition, the game play of this work is also a little different from the other turn-based games. Players as can be seen immediately, I thought you want to simple as possible.

— do this work you want to play the kind of person?

To what people who find value in OTA story and characters, I think that it would be able to enjoy the most. There is a deep dialogue with Free voice, it seems a lot of people me with a sense of closeness to the characters who.

— Do you have any work that this work has been affected?

OTA’s main in the affected It is the Cowboy Bebop, REDLINE. Cowboy Bebop story was not helped but put. However, I am in this work, we attempted to mix everything that I liked until now. It is a work such as Yu Harsh, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Megarobokusu, and the movie real Steel. Also, I Video Kolyma, Sudan 51’s, Mr. VERY, such as Yokootarou’s love towards our Japanese game director.

— Do you have any Japanese corresponding schedule of this work?

There OTA! It’s home because it is working, this way I am happy and also enjoy this film to everyone!

— Did you have an impact on the development by the new coronavirus?

OTA In fact, this work I do at that time in 2016, the game title was Corona Black. This is it is because I was a love song Corona Radiate of Nine-Inch Nails, but did not go without eventually change the title. There is I was unlucky. Now fairly dire situation in the new corona is here in Brazil. However, our development team while going out self-restraint, we were able to work from home.

— or delivery and monetization of this work is okay to?

OTA Yes, please do your freedom! If it is possible to tag with us on Twitter (@wolfstride game and iota iron), it will be the promotion of as much as possible!

— I’d like a last message to Japanese readers.

OTA Hello, everyone! I am a leave is affected by the Japan since ancient times. Favorite game is all Japanese game. In Japan creators of you is a very creative unique, I also am desperately to study. I’m really happy and enjoy this film to everyone! Merry Christmas! And a good Happy New Year!

–thank you.

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