Fractured Online Gamigo markets sandbox

With fractured online, an MMORPG awaits you next year, in which you will be more powerful by knowledge.

From the MMORPG Fractured Online (or fractured, as it said so far) you may have heard nothing yet. That could be because the developer Dynamic Studios has no high level of awareness and the whole thing has just been a small indie project so far. Now, however, the team from Milan has found a publisher with Amigo, which immediately stirs the PR drum. 2022 The title should come on the market. It is not a free-to-play game how you might think. Dynamic relies on the buy-to-play model. You buy fractured online so you can play indefinitely. But it will be an in-game shop where you can buy a cosmetic Perks, and an optional VIP membership for around ten US dollars in the month who have discounts on store items, unique cosmetic rewards and advantages in progression offers for faster progress.

Fractured Online is a sandbox game with isometric camera view and a combat system based on Hack and Slays. You decide at the beginning for one of three races and thus also one of as many worlds. The choice of the people has a strong impact on your gaming experience. If you embody a demon, you are on the planet Tartary on the way, on which PVP is activated at any time. If you are not interested in being constantly attacked by other players on open road, you decide you for the Beast men on Arboreal, where you only expect EVE gameplay. And if you prefer a mix of both, you will create a person and forged to Synthesia your destiny.

Fractured Online offers everything you expect from a sandbox MMO: a player-controlled economy, housing, and a free character system. There are no classic experience points and level rises. Instead, your knowledge is affected if you discover new places or identifies items. So your points collect with which your new talents and skills releases, of which there are more than 400 pieces. Dynamic Studios speaks here from a horizontal progression system without Grind, where you do not have to defeat the same kind of monster, not a number of times to become stronger.

In addition, all equipment in Fractured online from players are manufactured. Monsters do not drop any swords and armor. Crafting thus plays a significantly greater role than in other online role-playing games. And there is still a special feature: the interactive environment. For example, if you fight in a river against bandits, you can freeze the water and keep your enemies from the body. Or you use the trees in the forest to kill your adversaries with them.

Fractured - New Upcoming Sandbox MMORPG
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