LOL Riot announces the great changes of the next patches and a small rework

The changes will not stop arriving at League of Legends With the beginning of season 12. Riot Games has revealed some of its master lines for updates that will reach the game in the first patches of your next campaign and what We know about the premiere of new champions you have to add endless adjustments. Updates of huge repercussion that will affect objects, Sound spells and even some old characters.

The next big changes of League of Legends

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In the first instance Riot Games has wanted to start with one of the adjustments we already knew. The developer has confirmed that the changes made to the teleport that we have already seen in the BE will be introduced in the title in the next version 12.1. The developer has been clear with these changes, ensuring that his intention is to eliminate part of the power that the spell had during the last season and allow the lines not to be as affected by him in the first minutes

Other outstanding changes will arrive next to this adjustment. One of them will be meant to do something more friendly the experience of the loser team when the techno chemical crack (camouflage) appears causing the defender team to have more vision plants (fortune) to reveal their own jungle. A prophylactic measure to prevent the most pessimistic predictions of some analysts to end up being fulfilled.

Throughout the following patches we will also see how developers work to differentiate the objects of fighters and duelists. The developer wants to make them unique and has promised settings on three specific objects: Streak calibrator, Malarious and the spectral dancer. All of them will be adjusted to be more specific in such a way that they fit into categories of champions or somewhat more specific situations.

In addition to this, Riot Games has announced that it will continue with the updates to old characters. Adjustments that will arrive in League of Legends in the coming weeks and do not reach the rework category, but they will have the dimension of the changes that Alum or Lucian received. The developers have ensured that HRI will be the champion that, together with Janna, is benefited by all these changes. You can discover more of your future update below:

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