I have already played SIFU a Kung style movie

Be it because the games of me against the neighborhood are no longer among the most popular or because SFU HAS AMID SONY’s presentations During the past few months, what’s new from the creators to absolve has become a very proposal interesting. The calendar is again populated as launches for next year 2022, but I am not going to stop embracing a variety that I have already become accustomed to recent months.

LOCAL is betting strongly by a title that will come to PC and PlayStation next February and, fortunately, I have already been able to prove it. Having calibrated sensations with a dozen ‘Runs’ that have allowed me to squeeze the trial version, it is time to start a trial that starts with these first impressions and will end, in due time, with an analysis.

the day I became pointed old

Pretendedly omitted during the introduction, the other great attraction by which Sight was pinched on my wish list is the loop of him in which we are doing old with each death. A very interesting system in Rogue Lite style that allows us to unlock improvements and learn strategies by testing and error in a game that does not forgive any failure and that will face tens of enemies simultaneously.

L or more attractive is that death does not mean the end of a ‘run’, we will rise thanks to a pendant with several medallions that we will be consuming with each use until they run out when we are at a too advanced age. Mechanics is interesting and has great potential thanks to the statistical changes that the character suffers as he is going to be old. However, it has left us a little cold, and we hope to see more changes according to ‘we fulfilled’ for the final game.

Despite that, the basic premise inherited from similar titles works perfectly, causing players to learn little by little how to develop at a certain level to complete it more easily. Cleaning the rooms Once we know where you find a baseball bat or how to interact with the environment it becomes a pleasant ritual with strategic background that makes a formula not so exploited in such ambitious titles shine.

Being the star mechanics, we expect some other improvement to make more interesting a title that knows how to dominate the formula, but not so much its own particularities. The good thing is that, when ideas are fine and there are hardly any small execution failures, it seems that neither near the launch will be imperial to be carried out.

SIFU Gameplay Trailer 4K (New Brutal Kung Fu Game 2021)
Me against the Fighting Game style neighborhood

The other great field in which Sight wanted to emphasize and that developers have assured as representative of what the final version will be is combat. I’m going to be completely honest: I can assure you that it’s not what I expected, but go as he convinced me. Mix formulas of different types of struggle and unites the classic salad of blows a few mechanics that feel very well and give the title of an important depth.

In Sight we will find classical combos of the fighting games and that we can go unlocking as we move mixed with proposals similar to those of senior combat. It is a combination that works at a thousand wonders and that it is combined with the experience acquired thanks to the exploration of the scenarios to generate a very satisfactory feeling. All the time we are improving organically (in addition to the skills themselves) and the game knows how to reward our effort.

We also have a good variety of enemies and very interesting featured combats in the form of a singular duel that make the title in the reference as to what should be the story of a fighting game. All governed by a simple but interesting narrative on a revenge trip that recalls action movies based on Lungful or other martial arts to complete a very interesting proposal.

However, he returns to have a couple of roughness in this section. The feedback offered with the parries is not too good and there have been several occasions in which I lost combos that could have been lethal because of the lack of clarity. In addition, the angle of the camera can sometimes play a bad pass: something that can be very negative before the growing fever of a community no-hit that has in this one more interesting title

Sight lives on horseback between the Rogue, the Fighting Game and the Solstice. It is a winning combination, but tremendously ungrateful with the minimum error. In a game where avoiding a blow is so important, we want to fit a perfect combo or that no unforeseeable plays us a bad pass; The failures echo and detract from the whole. Nothing that happens to Sight is serious, but everything together becomes a problem.

Despite this, we will not lose hope what these little mistakes can be solved. However, We will have to stay at the expectation of a version final that ended with the spinning in a play that only has two options: all or nothing.

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