The next Mass Effect is committed to Unreal Engine 5 and will abandon FrostBite the engine of EA

We have barely seen anything of the new Mass Effect and BioWare have been behind Dragon Age for years, but whenever they come out, it makes us hope that projects can be closer than it seems. And now we have good news about the space opera.

A job offer that has shared on Twitter Breton Holmes, producer of the next Mass Effect, points to the search for programmers and developers who have experience with Unreal Engine 4/5. In this way, it is evident that the next Mass Effect will work with the new graphic engine, leaving aside the EA Frostbite.

We have already seen what Unreal Engine 5 is capable with the recent demo that we have been able to see based on Matrix, and who has left us with his mouth open. At the moment, it is only scratching the surface, but the truth is that a brutal future awaits us in the sector and remains to be seen how it renders in open world games and with different places and galaxies to explore as in Mass Effect.

Frostbite Was So Disastrous For Bioware & EA That Mass Effect 5 May Use Unreal Engine 5 Instead

So far, EA’s latest games used the engine Frostbite, such as Mass Effect Legendary Edition itself or even Battlefield 2042. So there are times of changes in EA, after leaving aside your own engine to enjoy the benefits that this Epic Games work will offer.

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