Smile Gate `Lost Arc` new adventurer increased over 5 times

[Eye News 24 Park Along Jing] Smile Gate RPG (Representative Support Role) Multi-Point Role Performance Game (MMORPG) Lost Arc showed up most indicators since the beginning of the ‘Roast Winter’ festival and large-scale winter events.

Smile Gate RPG announced on the 29th that the number of new adventurers, the number of new adventurers, 545% and returns that the number of return adventurers increased by 499%.

In addition, the number of days of use adventurers increased by 135% and monthly adventurations, and 116% increased, and the number of the highest simultaneous users recorded 230,000. Some servers also occurred in the entrance queue.

Smile Gate RPG is a new class ‘Roman’ on the 29th, which will be released on the 29th, and the new class, which will launch a new class, and the new class that will use the brushes and paintings in January, We plan to continue to update content and accelerate the rise of the right now.

This achievement of Lost Arc is an analysis that Loan Ocean Winter and Winter massive events were led.

On the 18th, the winter adventurer festival, which has been on the 18th, is a 7-hour 30 minutes, wrote a Winter, Winter, MMORPG, MMORPG, MMORPG, which has been recorded together, has recorded 310,000 concurrent viewers.

On this day, a large-scale game improvement and future update rode maps were also greatly popular. On the 22nd, a large-scale winter event, including the high-speed growth support event ‘Hyper Express’ and Winter Event Island ‘Freesia Island’, which returned to the reinforced benefits. During the event period, ‘INFORMATION’, ‘Hyper Express’, ‘Story Express’ is paid to all adventurers and supports ultra-fast growth.

Meanwhile, Gyeongsang Line Director, who oversees the development of roast arc, was a Christmas Eve on the 24th. On this day, the Gyeongsang Line Director is not only Christmas greetings, but also for 258 adventurers who attended the present every day since the launch, ▲ New El GIA’s update schedule, ▲ Winter on Winter, I also had new news about. In addition, a special event that can acquire an avatar of the game in the game of the Gum gang Line Director, and the Avatar of Barbra was surprised.

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