Battle ground 5 consecutive steam platinum saws

Creighton said PUBG: Battleground (Battleground) said that the Global Game Distribution Platform Steam ‘2021 Steam Seller’ was selected as a ‘Platinum Top Seller’ in the ‘2021 steam’.

Steam selects a game that renewed a significant recording annually to announce the the top of the year every year. The most sold games, the most of the most maximum users, are platinum, gold, and bronze in order to be used in the order of the year.

Easiest Platinum Games of April 2021 | $1 Platinum - 5 minute Platinums - Crossbuy - PS4 & PS5

Battlegrounds were selected for the highest grade platinum, the highest grade in the saw-selling field this year, based on the total income. With this selected, the record was selected for the 5th consecutive Platinum toasting top scare after the release of Early Access in 2017. Platinum included 12 global popular games, including battleground.

The Craft Tone side said, Thank you for your users who have sent a continuous interest to be selected for 5 consecutive Platinum hawsers, said the Battlegrounds will not be and on January 12, on January 12, I will develop more users to develop as a game that could have been enjoyed for a long time.

On the other hand, the Craft Tone will start free play service based on the slogan called Battlegrounds for All ‘from January 12, 2022. More information on battleground’s free play service conversion can be found on the reservation microsite.

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