Nintendo dominated the list of the best sold in Amazon this year

Nowadays, there are a lot of options when buying video games, at least in physical format. Amazon is still one of the most reliable stores to acquire any type of products, and as for gaming, it was Nintendo who dominated the best-selling lists this year.

In the Top 10, Nintendo only has a presence with gift cards for SHOP and a micros with Super Mario theme, but things change when we start reviewing The rest of the list. Super Mario 3D World + Bowler’s Fury It was the best-selling game this year, and that is positioned at number 11, followed by Just Dance 2022 ranked number 14.

I Did NOT See Nintendo Switch Doing This...
The most remarkable thing about all this is that the other physical games in the Amazon Top 50 are switch, particularly First-Party with Minecraft and Just Dance 2021 being the exception. Why is this domain? As you know, the games switch rarely go down from price, so it does not matter if you buy it during launch or months later. In the case of PlayStation and Xbox, your games usually have a price reduction at three months or more of your premiere, both in physical and digital format. Taking this into consideration, it was to be expected that the Great N was to master the physical sales of software.

And speaking of games, Japan recently conducted a survey where the community could vote for its 100 favorite titles of all time, and if you want to know the results, we suggest you click here.

Editor’s Note: It will definitely be interesting to know how it changes this list the following year, especially because 2022 paints to be a very good year regarding Nintendo’s throws with the BOTH sequel, and who knows what other surprises have the Japanese company under the sleeve.

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