Ribery Club Salernitana escapes exclusion from Series A

The Italian first division US Salernitana, the Association of Ex-Bayern-Star Franck Bribery, apparently rescued from the series A.

Until the deadline on December 31, an offer of a buyer met for the South Index Club. The confirmed Italy Association President Gabriele Graving.

The climber is now owned by Lazio-Rom-Boss Claudio Lotto. This must be part of Salernitana because it is prohibited by Article 16 of the license terms that a person has multiple clubs in the same play class. The search for a prospective customer had proven to be problematic.

Behind the offer arrived shortly before the turn of the year, according to Italian media reports of New Year of the Neapolitan entrepreneur Danilo Benvolio, founder of the online university Vegas. The offer should now be checked by the trustees.

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Frank Ribery Presentation as a Salernitana Player

The club was launched in Serie A at the end of last season. Currently, Salernitana stands with eight points in the last place of the table.

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