The new game of Ken Levine creator of Bioshock is having -Open time

Ken Levine is known to be the creator of Bios hock saga, who has had a huge influence on the first-person games. With Bios hock Infinite, Last delivery of the license to date, the development was complicated, as time later. Several employees who were under the position of him spoke that he was a bright guy, but the search for perfection and the ego of him did not help the weather be favorable.

Since then, Levine, who carries a new year in industry, initiated a new project in a new study that, for the moment, nothing is known. It all started in 2014, and as the Bloomberg journalist is echoed, the reputed Jason Schrader, it seems that the creative process is being a hell.

Bioshock Infinite: Ken Levine is Seriously One of the Best Developers of Our Time

In the aforementioned article, several employees of Ghost Story Games, which is as the study is called, have spoken anonymously about development, indicating that the development of its game has been stuck. The motives? Levine stubbornly makes nothing progress and that many employees have also left their position, fed up that no one will listen to them or move from the ideas that the creative has in his mind.

Ken is a very difficult person with which to work. I think he tried to change and stands out more in this company than Emotional because he is a smaller group of people, they say in the text. Where they also talk about the reasons why many people have come in mass to work with him. He is an author capable of producing something magnificent, but his managerial style leads to exhaustion and pain.

An employee says that the team is optimistic that things are finally going on track, but estimated that they still had two years for the launch. But there are those who have renounced because you go continually in cycles and you get tired of being part of that, ceased to be happy, says a creative who left the study after five years.

At the moment, no press or public we know even what the game that Levine has in hands is going, beyond the creative problems he is having in his development. We hope that all these years, despite the swings, serve for something and the project see the light.

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