The Moon challenges the Earth in the hallucinating Moonfall Final Trailer of Roland Emmerich

Moon fall, the new apocalyptic movie of the German filmmaker Roland Emmerich (in charge of genuine Smspectacular finalh hits such spectacular final Independence Day spectacular final well spectacular final its follow up, 2021, Godzilla or tomorrow, among numerous others), offers a spectacular final trailer In Spanish that you can see to lead this information, film that will certainly reach the flick theaters next February 4, 2022. This hspectacular final actually been offered by the manufacturer Diamond Films Spain, additionally sharing the lspectacular finalt poster of the movie.

Moonfall (2022 Movie) Announcement Teaser - Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley
A secret of cosmic percentages

The cspectacular finalt is completed with names like Donald Sutherland (Cravings Games), Michael Peña (Marcos) and also Charlie Plummer (all the cspectacular finalh on the planet), under the instructions of Roland Emmerich, which also authorizes the primary script of the film. Moon fall reaches the cinema next February 4, 2022.

Moon fall is starring the starlet Halle Berry (X-Men, Monster’s Sphere) spectacular final well spectacular final the star Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Insides), two spectacular finaltronauts who get started on a desperate objective to conserve humanity before The imminent influence of the moon on Earth. What strange stamina is pushing to satellite against humankind? The protagonists will have to learn alongside the conspiracy interpreter by John Bradley (Game of Thrones).

A couple of weeks prior to the effect, spectacular final well spectacular final with the world on the verge of annihilation, the Nspectacular finalA executive and also former spectacular finaltronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) is encouraged to have the secret to saving our world. These heroes will certainly arrange an impossible space mission, leaving behind all their loved ones, to land on the lunar surface spectacular final well spectacular final try to conserve humanity, dealing with a mystery of cosmic percentages, we can review in its official synopsis.

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