Yoon Suk-yeol, president of Roll Park,

The IF of the Kook min Founded Roll Park for the game of the 2022 LACK Spring Split Opening.

Won Hee-Ryong policy chairperson said, Gain, Gaza, Gain, Gull Canyon, which is the globe’s strongest LACK Asian Gaming, Run Chang,, and also claimed, E-Sports is not a disease. I heard the phrase.

Soon Suk-yeol, Korea E-Sports Battling, which makes legends, stated Lee Joon-seok, I in fact write AOS. I have disclosed the love for the video game.

LACK Spring Spleen 1 day Auto 2 The second game T1 and also Guangdong PRI Game time, Soon Suk-yeol’s presidential candidate checked out Roll Park on the moment of Guangdong Frames, will be controlled by the ruling event, Won He Yong, the head of the Mt. I saw the game of PRI.

Soon Suk-yeol was additionally opened up for the video game plan for today’s game policies. Amongst them, for E-Sports Area Accusatory dedications, e-Sports determined to introduce neighborhood representatives in the E-sports to avoid sports in the 1020th generation as well as urban location, he said, It is stated that it is stated.

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