SPVGG Plattling: The way to Santa nowhere

The tranquil Platting with its approximately 12,500 inhabitants, was in the 80s and 90s on everyone’s lips. Especially when Doris Andrea RDA — better known as Nicki — stormed the charts. With hits like With you the’d ma life or I’m a Bavarian Cowgirl the 1.52 meter little woman of the city in the Lower Bavarian district Bettendorf had given a name recognition. In addition, was that the local football club Sprig Platting several times in the Bavarian League, then the third-highest division, starred. The major highlights of black and red club history were the three appearances in the DFB Cup.

For one, the game in 1985 against Bayer Leverkusen. Although Platting with 0: 2: had (gates Bumpkin CIA and Thomas Forster) admit defeat, they had drawn in the home racetrack stadium before 6100 spectators against the Herself honorably from the affair. Much of the trained by Erich Rib beck star band that stood in Platting on the grass, took two and a half years later (1988) against Español in the UEFA Cup.

lead against Fortuna Düsseldorf

This was followed by the duel with Fortuna Düsseldorf on 19 August 1989, when the Lower Bavaria until the 83rd minute with a goal by Gerhard Berger peace with 1: 0 lead and at least forced into overtime before 5,000 spectators Jo erg Schmidt, Michael Preeti & Co. (1: 2, for the Bundesliga met We Fuchs and Bernd Klutz).


And finally, the game against Russia Mönchengladbach in 1993. Here, the third division had no chance — 3: 0. Fans before 5500 in the stadium met Warhead Flipped and Hans-Joerg Cries (2). In the following season (94/95) the foals brought under coach Bernd Kraus DFB Cup (3: 0 in the final in Berlin against VFL Wolfsburg).

springboard for the Bundesliga

One who knows the club and the region inside out and almost everything has been through, the veteran Manfred Toolmaker (63). Looking back at the Cup battle against Playback his eyes begin to shine. And proudly told the perennial favorite that he then even stood as a 35-year-old midfielder in the starting XI. Side by side with the talentiertesten player in club history: John Wall. The then 22-year-old had to walk more, to relieve the in the aging veteran few meters in the center. Hurt this has not Wall, who joined end of the season, after the descent into the national league to league rivals TSV Vestenbergsgreuth. After that, he was active among others still at Sprig Reuther Fürth 1. FC Nuremberg and the SSV Reutlingen. Total Wall denied 108 games in the second league (seven goals) and eleven Bundesliga games (one goal).

A beautiful time back at the Toolmaker with nostalgia. I was heart and soul footballers. Football to me has very much been, and I am very happy, the love of the beautiful game brims out of it. In total, from the students to the old boys, he played football 40 years — a whopping 16 of them for Sprig, and of these seven seasons in the old Bavarian League, the then third league was. Almost tragic that he and his Platting became known as the severed bottom club of the last third-rate Bayernliga season in the Annals.

Shortly before the bankruptcy

After that Platting sank star, and the mid-90s it went rapidly downhill. Yesterday Leverkusen and Playback — then led the way to Santa nowhere. The root of all evil was that the club high debt had accumulated three times and relegation in a row from the Bayernliga to the district league. Long-standing sponsors got out, and the bankruptcy was averted in the end only by selling the sports facility. Thanks to a joint tour de force and the city using.

Athletic Sprig Platting has long disappeared in the lowlands of football. Currently, the club as Penultimate the district league Lower Bavaria West stands on a relegation place. Somehow, then the circle closes but with the popular pop queen Nicki. Both have the title of her first big hit Hello, do it goat taken to heart and adopted from the big spotlight.

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