Wow TBC Classic: The Black Temple

The Black Temple in the Shadow Monday is one of the largest and hardest raids of the WoW: The Burning Crusade era. A total of nine bosses await you. The ultimate climax is of course the fight against the treacherous demon hunter Lillian on the top of the temple. In order to successfully master this 25-player instance, it requires a well-rehearsed group, with the first Riesling falling much easier to fall on the boards than the latter. Raids that Lady Vast and Karl’this could conquer in their original form should not worry about it.

A trip to Heal

Kama guarded the cell of Maier — with both there is a reunion in the Black Temple. Source: Black Before you may enter the Lillian fortress in the Shadow Monday, you have to master a quest series again. The beginning starts with the quests from the outpost of the Alder or the Seer. From there you will be sent to the prison of Maier. Kama, the leader of the ascents, give you more tasks. Finally, you have to bring the medallion from Harbor to A’DAL to Shatttrath.

If this has happened, ask you the plum in the cave of the snake script after conquering the Tiefenlord Karathress, Kama in the Shadow Monday to bring a message. After that, it is important to kill the Phoenix God Al’Ar in the fortress of storms. However, you have to wear a special trim, which gives you Kama with the way.

Finally, you may have a journey through time. On the Heal summit, Furor Winter frost is already waiting for you the temporary phylacteries. This makes the difficult part of the quest series d1. After that, you even help Kama and Maier to get into the Black Temple. By the way, the medallion of Harbor must carry you with you if you want to enter the instance.

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Usual preparations

The first three bosses in the black temple are relatively easy. For you, you do not need standard buffs such as vials or oils. The subsequent bosses, however, are much tricky, so you should have a lot from the buff arsenal for you. You can customize the group compilation in the progress phase of BOSS to BOSS individually. For the TRASHES, however, a battle of three tanks, seven healers and 15 damage causes.

As for resistance clothes, there are two bosses in the black temple to prepare you. For the fight against Mother Shiraz , the entire raid (apart from the tanks) theoretically requires the highest possible shadow resistance. Why theoretically? Now, since we get the weakened version of the fight presented, you should need significantly less shadow resistance in practice than first suspected. The PTR tests showed that some guilds must defeat Mother Shiraz quite quickly without resistance remuneration.

At Lillian must recover a witch champion again, in full shadow resistance Gear. In addition, you need two normal tanks with high fire resistance values ​​that take care of the summoned elementary. Wherever you get the necessary parts, you are in this guide for Phase 3 from TBC Classic.

The black temple and his bosses

The card for the black temple. Source: Black

E | Entrance |

1. | Naj-Entus |
2. | Supremos |
3. | Aka mas Scheme |
4. | Heron Bloods |
5. | Burton boiling blood |
6. | The reliquary of the souls |
7. | Mother Shiraz |
8. | The Council of the Billiard |
9. | Lillian Storm Grimm |

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