Riot announces authentication in two steps

It was practically incomprehensible that Riot Games , a developer with video games as successful and multitudinous as League of Legends or Valorant, had not enabled a two-step authentication in the players’ accounts. Therefore, after a long time, the Californian company has just announced a system called multifactor authentication that minimizes the risks and problems associated with hacking accounts.

This is one more step in the safety of our accounts, as it relates Riot Games itself: The new multifactor authentication system goes further than the old method we used to do so, that I asked you to introduce a code just when you start Session from a new device or that it was not verified. If you want to enjoy greater security, now you can make it necessary a code for all logins.

How can I activate it?

This system makes when you log in, you will receive an email with a single 6-digit code . You just have to introduce this code to access your game. To activate it, the first thing to do is verify the email, something you should have done all.

If you have not verified the mail

There are two ways to do this. On the one hand, just log in with the Riot account, go to the Login and Safety area, look for the double authentication card. Then there will be a button that says the mail is not verified, which must be clicked. You will get an authentication email, which you should activate.

The second method consists of logging into the account, going to the tab and searching for the message The mail is not verified at the top of the page. After this, give him to forward electronic mail and follow the previous steps. This is the case of those who started the process, but they did not complete it.

if you have already verified the mail

  • Initial session with your Riot. account
  • Dirty to the Login and Security tab.
  • Bu scad the double authentication card.
  • Faced click on the button forward email.
  • Hora, open the email linked to the account.
  • Bu scad and open the Email of the double authentication of Riot Games
    (If you do not find the mail, check the spam folder).
  • On the email, click on the Activate Double Authentication button.

By the way, a trick: if you do not want to have to always put the code, check the Remember this application for 30 days box.

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