Elden Ring loops his development and confirms his exit in a month

After a small set time, the prophecy will be fulfilled on February 25th for the followers of fromSoftware and Hideaway Miyazaki school. As the producer Bashir Vital has just confirmed as part of a Taipei Game Show 2022 stamping video, Elder Ring has passed Gold and will come out well without fail in a month.

Well, obviously, the video has certainly been recorded before the discovery of a security cleaner in the source code of the Dark Souls trilogy, but avoid attracting the evil eye and leave that the new License of FromSoftware does not use not the code missed. Because until proven otherwise, the development of the game is curly, and the latter can prepare the production stage in series while fromSoftware spends its next weeks with the production patch.

The development is unfolding without problem. Elder Ring was originally planned for an exit in January of this year, and he was postponed once in February. But be reassured, the title will be ready for sale on February 25th. Master version has already been submitted and, right now, the team works on a Day One patch to make sure everything in the game is just as it should be, confirmed producer Bashir Vital, who was already from the Part at the launch of Blood borne at Japan Studio before joining fromSoftware.

Note that even though the relationship of each to the Challenges of the FromSoftware Games may vary and does not provide an official life number, Vital believes that those who will be satisfied with the main path can end the game in 30 hours. Open structure requires, however, it will be necessary to add a few tens of overtime for those who will want to go further in their exploration of the world. What’s more, know that only one journey will not be enough to pick up the 100% given the presence of some branches at the end of the game.

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