MEM makes the difference: catch-up against Denmark Hievt France into the semifinals

There was seemingly good news for the French right away. The already qualified Denmark spilled three well-known actors, especially his two best tournament scorers Mikkel Hansen (39 Goals) and Mathias Diesel (35) and circular Magnus Saugstrup Jensen. Even goalkeeper Niklas Landing did not stand between the posts.

Already five and a half minutes later, however, was clear: also the second suit of the Danes sitting. At the level of 1: 5, France (without the Corona-positive Chef coach Guillaume Grille on the bench) took the first time out, at this time the well-headed Keeper Kevin Miller had already served three litters.

On the other hand, goalkeeper Vincent Gerard brought at the first nine throws no body part to the ball, in order Denmark met the empty gateway to 10: 6 (15th). Above all, Nicolas Vest Kirkelokke (at the end of ten goals) made at the age of world champion with four hits in five attempts to attentively attention.

France Keeper hold a ball in the first half

Although the engine of the Danes were briefly, after almost six goalless minutes, Rasmus Linde Schmidt met but to the 11: 9 (21.) against now concentrated final French. Only now France opted for goalkeeping change towards Wesley Pardon, but also the first three throws passed – especially Jacob Hold now prepared the final men’s problems. In the 25th minute, the keeper was finally on a ball at a time of 10:14, it was the first and last French parade of the entire first half. Pause stand: 17:12 for Denmark.

The second section started the red-whites with the Kiel Landing in the goal, otherwise not much changed. The Danes met as soon as they did not miss the gate, so France could not do any ground despite a well-established duos Me / Descant (22:18, 41 minutes). In the 44th minute there was then the second parade of France to see, this time by Gerard. Reason enough for coach Nicolas Jacobsen to take a break at 24:21 (45.).

Denmark then stopped the lead, but then the World Champion suddenly went the puffs – and France was hoping. Dike Me hit the back of the back with a little luck to 26:27 (55.), three minutes before the end Descant actually managed by seven meters 28:28 (57.). The game was now on the knife cutting edge, after the 29:28 from Me took Denmark one and a half minutes before the end of the next timeout.

But that did not help anymore. France brought to the finish thanks to the eighth goal of ME a 30:29 and is still in the semifinals, even as a group player after a true force. Bitter for the Icelanders who had fought after their 34: 24 victory against Montenegro in the afternoon from afar. With a defeat of France, the outsiders would have been further.

In the main round group II, Spain and Sweden had qualified for the semi-finals. The German placement is now official: the DHB team completed the em as seventh.

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