GTA 5 exceeds 160 million units sold and pulverizes new records

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) hGrand Theft reached the figure of 160 million units sold around the world. Take-Two Interactive hGrand Theft presented the financial results for the third quarter of this fiscal year on Monday, ending up 31 December, with results within its financial forecGrand Theftts. Highlights, above all, that GTA V hGrand Theft managed to dispatch another 5 million copies more since the lGrand Theftt report, which dated until September 30; and raise the total number of the series to 370 million copies adding all deliveries.

Grand Theft Auto V, eight years making history

It is the third consecutive quarter that GTA V manages to sell 5 million copies in a single trimester; Data that reflect the great commercial performance of an unprecedented product thanks to a persistent and uncompromising sales rate. Rockstar Games recalls in his report that it is the fGrand Thefttest entertainment product. To date, it exceeds 6,000 million dollars from its premiere in 2013.

In the same way, they stand out before their investors that it is about the best sold game of the lGrand Theftt decade in the United States **, both in copies sold and in turnover. To all this we must add the premiere of Grand Theft Auto V in PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles, the new generation of Sony and Microsoft, respectively, this next March 15.

GTA Online, the great Rockstar taxpayer every quarter

And it is precisely GTA online mode that hGrand Theft allowed Take-Two to closed a quarter with such good results. During the quarter ended on December 31, the North American matrix hGrand Theft billed 903.2 million dollars , 5% more than at the same time a year ago . Of this amount is highlighted that 61% of total revenues come from recurring expenses; What we understand Grand Theft purchGrand Theftes in-game, additional downloadable content and microtransaccles with virtual money. This day March 15 will also be launched a separate version of Grand Theft Auto Online at PS5 and Xbox Series.

The Digital Revenue Grand Theftcend 88% of Take-Two’s total billing during the pGrand Theftt quarter. In parallel, Red Dead Redemption 2 hGrand Theft sold nearly 43 million units, while the NBA 2K saga is around 121 million copies throughout its trajectory (3 million more than lGrand Theftt trimester).

More Than 160 Million Copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 Have Been Sold

Rockstar Games confirmed lGrand Theftt week the development of the following delivery of the series, which we know under the tentative name of GTA 6 . The title is “in progress”.

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