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Dennis Schröder has expressed itself in front of the Trade Deadline for the next Thursday to the speculation, which has last time and again associated with a departure from Boston. The German showed himself emphasized.

“If it happens then it happens,” said Schröder after the 116: 83 victory of the Boston Celtics against the Orlando Magic. “In the end it stays a business, but I like the guys here and the franchise – I love them. But if I go, then that’s the way. Nevertheless, I love the guys here and if I would stay better. “

Schröder is considered a likely trade candidate of Celtics, as Boston’s Point Guard, who signed a year-old contract over $ 5.9 million in the past offseason, probably can not hold in summer. In addition, the priority of the franchise before the Trade Deadline is allegedly on the luxury tax line.

That would be possible with a potential trade of Braunschweig. “I’m not an agent, but I know my contract is low,” the 28-year-old admitted. “My agent is just probably his job and talking to the people he has to talk to.”

Two teams brought into the speculation around a potential Schröder trade in the game are the Chicago Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks. Both franchises had to cope with the more often injury in the backcourt and should therefore be interested in the Point Guard of Celtics.

Trade rumors: Two offers for Schröder – also Bucks interested?

Although a trade is considered likely, Boston Schröder could also keep beyond the deadline. The team played significantly better than at the beginning of the season and General Manager Brad Stevens could also try otherwise under the luxury tax.

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The Point Guard goes with the situation. “I will continue to be professional and do what I have to do. Nothing has changed for me,” said Schröder. “I’ll prepare myself as every other day and stay ready for use.” Against the Magic he showed good performance and put on from the bench coming 22 points and 4 rebounds.

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