LOL: DRX explains why he dismissed the coach Kim

Recently, we talk about DRX’s sudden decision for changing coaches. The organization did not give more details at that time, but it did confirmed that Shin “Shine” Dong-Wook would be the interim trainer last week.

At dawn on February 4, the organization published another statement in social networks. He elaborated in what is happening on the administrative side, specifically with the area of ​​the technical body. Officially, Kim “Kim” Jeong-Soo is no longer part of the League of Legends Division. He previously he was only suspended, with the possibility of returning if things marched well between both parties.

DRX simply commenting that the decision was made after evaluating what was happening . According to the publication, Kim failed to comply with its obligations stipulated in the contract. The case was in the eyes of the Disciplinary Committee and the Council, who finally decided to end the employment between both parties. Everything was done at the foot of a legal process .

By legal topic, can not be shared which were the faults of Kim or additional situations. Al Margen, DRX will protect both players and League of Legends team, asking for rumors or misinformation to be disseminated. “Please, avoid making senseless accusations or blaming someone,” reads in the statement. About the next head coach, there will be news as soon as possible.

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DRX had a complicated week: In addition to the situation of Kim, there were also cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) among almost all its members. The good news is that the atmosphere seems better and you can play next February 9. Remanery If Shine will continue to command the squad or a new technician will arrive at the South Korean club.

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