Phasmophobia update makes great changes to ghosts

A new FASMOFOBIA The update is available on PC, and the Kinetic Games developer came forward and revealed the patch notes for update in Steam, revealing and detailing everything the update, v0.5.2.0, makes it the game. In particular, it makes some important changes in different ghosts of the game or, more specifically, in Demon, Hanku, Poltergeist, Banshee and Shade.

Unfortunately, although we have update patch notes, we do not have any information about the size of the update file, which means we can not provide any information or information about how long it will take you to download it. Patch notes are not huge and the new content is minimal, so the file size should be smaller, but for now we can not confirm it.

Next, you can consult all the phantom changes that have been made with today’s update:

Ghost Changes:


  • The weakness of the demons with that of Banshee has been replaced, since it is more thematic and serves as a better counterattack to its strength.

  • The weakness of the demons has been replaced with that of Banshee, since it is more thematic and serves as a better counterattack to its strength. The crucifixes will stop a hunt that begins within 5 m instead of 3 m

suffering soul:

  • Banshee has received a new weakness and new skills.

  • Weakness: Sometimes you can hear Banshees moan with a parabolic microphone.

  • Banshee’s paranormal sound has been improved.
  • Singing ghost events will now consume 5% more sanity in Banshee’s goal.
  • Banshees will only verify the cord percentage of your goals to start a hunt in multiplayer mode
  • Banshees will often wander towards their goal when they roam.


  • We discovered that some shades especially like to show themselves at the beginning of the contracts, so we have reduced them a bit to avoid confusions with other ghosts: Shades will have much less chance of performing ghost events, returning to normal. As the average player sanity decreases

  • For every 1% loss of average sanity, the probability of ghost event increases by 2% (with a limit of 100%), for example:

  • 100% Average Cordura = 0% Probability
  • 75% Average sanity = 50% probability
  • 50% average sanity = 100% probability


  • Poltergeist’s ability will now reduce the sanity of all players around the ghost instead of just one player

  • 2% loss of ladge per object released


  • Hantu has become the new ghost that people love to reproduce in loop, which is great. However, they were not threatening when they should! So we have given them some changes in speed and ability to be a little more frightening in the cold.

Haantu now has twice as possible to turn off energy
* Hantu will now show your breath at ambient temperatures of 3 ° C or less
* Hantu’s maximum speed has been increased and it will change the speed between smaller temperature ranges
* 1.4 m / s = 15 ° C +
* 1.5 m / s = 12 ° C
* 1.65 m / s = 9 ° C

* 1.8 m / s = 6 ° C
* 2.2 m / s = 3 ° C
* 2.5 m / s = 0 ° C

Phasmophobia is available through the PC and only the PC. The rest of the patch notes for the update can be found here.

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