App Warning: Million Smartphone users of Mega

Several apps are currently affected by a warning. Scammers attract users in the trap.

Dortmund – The smartphone belongs to the daily companion in everyday life and accommodates not only countless news and files sent via the messenger WhatsApp, but also sensitive data such as bank details. Therefore, the devices become more and more likely to the target of scammers.

Through fraud mesh exposes: Criminal Zocks Smartphone Users About Apps

However, a current case does not affect, as usual, often usual, a fake SMS of cheats. Instead, the criminals have apart a whole range of applications on the smartph1. However, the owner of an Apple iPhone can first breathe through, since only apps on Android devices should be a risk with respect to this fraud mesh.

The fraud called “Dark Herring” is not a cardboard stalk and should have been active for two years and so massive damage. About the applications, the scammers attract their victims to the subscription traps – and completely unnoticed. Because according to information of T-online the scammers should have secretly debited the amounts for alleged premium subscriptions. Many of the victims should have discovered the involuntary payments only months later.

A total of 470 applications from the Google Play Store had been part of the perfidic mesh in the period. The problem: About 105 million users should have loaded these programs on their smartphone – with a bitter end: the estimated damage should be hundreds of millions of US dollars high. This reports the portal PC world and calls on statements from Google Partner Zimperium.

Rip-off by smartphone apps: Users noticed was often late

The fact that the mega was undetected over the smartphone for two years, mainly technical reasons. This includes, for example, that the criminals have scattered the fraud for numerous apps. In addition, the associated code had been veiled. Anti-virus programs on the smartphone have been almost powerless.

The approximately 470 apps have therefore been classified as harmless by the Google Play Store and thereby could be downloaded million times.

Google has already responded to the incident and the corresponding programs from the offer deleted in the Play Store. Nevertheless, it can not be ruled out that the apps continue to be on many devices, for example by installing outside the Google Play Stores (further warnings and recalls at smartphone).

Miese rip-off on the smartphone: recognize questionable apps

The digital applications are predominantly from the entertainment area. These include, for example, games, but also photo apps and productivity apps can belong to the pests.

Who is insecure whether one of the programs belongs to their own smartphone to the pests can read this online. For example, the dangerous apps include:

Smartphone users who find one of the (online) lists listed on your device should uninstall them immediately and check their mobile calculations. With possible inconsistency, PC world recommends contacting the provider, so provider.

Rip-off via smartphone app: Rossmann was already affected by fraud

Such additives via the smartphone and corresponding applications on the devices are no longer no case. Also at the Rossmann drugstore, it has been given a fraud other than smartphones. Who regularly installs and uses different programs on the device, should therefore be careful.

Also by phone it is trying criminals, camouflaged as alleged employees again and again, as * reports. A popular way to get to bank details, for example, the perpetrators can also be used via so-called phishing emails. _ * is like smartphone part of the editorial network of

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