FIFA 22: The Real Valladolid de Neat is done with the supercup of the Santander Elaliga

As we tell you, you have already started a new season of Elaliga Santander of FIFA 22 and the output pistolletazo has taken place with the supercup dispute, facing Real Valladolid and Real Oviedo , Champions of League and Cup of last season.

¡PRIMER TÍTULO DE LA TEMPORADA! Real Valladolid y Real Oviedo pelean por eLaLiga Santander SuperCup
The controls were neat by the Pucenos e Icyjony on the side of the Carbayones; Although the title last year was conquered by Adriman, but a controversial decision has left him out of this edition.

The final of the Supercup, two games, was clearly dominated by Neat, who made him worth him to win for a total of 4-1 and take so much the trophy, as a metallic prize of 5,000 euros **.

The event also served to present the Elaliga Santander 2022 , which starts one more year to find the player and the winning team and distribute 250,000 euros in prizes.

This week the regular season begins with 38 clubs in search of victory. They will be divided into two groups and Iran competing between them during the following weeks; And there will be a paron in April to dispute the Elaliga Santander Cup . A title tournament that will come from the 4 best club clubs to compete for a total of € 50,000 in prizes and for taking the title home.

ELALIGA Santander will come to its great end the week of May 7 and 8 and the organization indicates that if the health situation allows it, it will be the greatest face-to-face event of the competition in all its years of life.

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