Netflix reaches a new association to add more games

Netflix achieved another association this week that will result in the addition of more videogames to its platform in constant growth. This association sees Netflix working with Rocketride Games, a videogame agency that already has two games represented in the Netflix catalog. No specific games have been announced at this time before arrival at the Netflix Games platform.

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The association was announced this week in a press release from the Mega Transmission Platform and the Agency that discussed the terms of its agreement. Rocketride games delivered Dominó and Tejidos to the growing catalog of Netflix games in December with more on the way “in the coming months,” said the press release. Those games that Netflix plans will not have advertisements or purchases in the application, said Netflix, and will be included together with others within the existing Netflix subscriptions.

“All in Rocketride Games are extremely proud of this new partnership with Netflix,” said Rocketride Games, Louis-René Auclair. “Having the ability to bring games to their millions of subscribers is definitely a great opportunity for Rocketride Games and for video game studies around the world.”

After the reports of the Netflix game companies insinuate the company’s plans to expand beyond television programs and films, the company formally announced its plans to add initial games and more at the end of last year. The expansion of the game was opened with STRANGER THINGS: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The game, shooting rings, letters explosion, _ and _Tamcale and have added more since then. Mike Verdu, vice president of development of Netflix games, said in November that the plan was to offer a variety of games for different subscribers to cover several genres and experiences that players may be looking for.

“Whether you want a casual game that can start from scratch or an immersive experience that allows you to delve into your favorite stories, we want to start building a game library that offers something for everyone,” Verdu said. “We are in the first days of creating a great game experience and we are excited to take them on this trip with us.”

Netflix also acquired his first study in September to help with his game efforts. With that combined with additional associations like this, wait see more games available through Netflix soon enough.

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