Nexon, Maple Story Destiny Secondary Update

[Data provided: Nexon]

** \ – Adventurer Limaster, etc.

\ – The entire user target ‘Terra Burning Booster’, ‘Mini Sugar Package’ Event Opened

\ – Provide experience reward through starlight symphony event

\ – Proceed with the improvement of skills and game convenience by job with combat utility

Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyun) said on its online game ‘Maple Story’ on the 28th that we conducted ‘destiny’ secondary updates around the adventurer remasters.

In December last year, the second major contents of the winter update in the Winter Update in the Winter Update in the three times of “Starlight Symphony” started with the Adventurer’s profession, reinforced the character’s unique charm through improvement of individual skill effects for each vocational concept. Combat patterns have progressed to strengthen the latest and skill experience.

For the new adventurer, we pay a variety of compensation, such as ‘Unique Emblem (1)’, ‘Maple Point 20000 Gift Certificate (1),’ Maple Point 20000 Gift Certificate ‘,’ Core Gemstone (3) do. For the entire user, the “Terra Burning Booster (1) ‘,’ Event Ring Burning Booster (1) ‘,’ Event Ring (1) ‘ As a result of 300 melodic coins, the ‘mini-sugar package (1)’, ‘Goddess’ s Cost of Cost of Cost of Cost of Cost of Cost of Cost (1) “

In addition, the “Etern Nova” was changed to a skill that makes a number of enemies around the enriched state, reducing the reuse latency to 120 seconds, and the battle performance of the former business to experience more satisfactory combat play Overall coordination, such as a commitment to the profession with a combat umbrella, such as improving skills.

Nexon has opened the ‘Starlight Symphony’, a mysterious space to listen to Maple World Music to Maple World Music through the primary update. Symphony friends proceed with events to play beautiful music for 30 seconds. Users can automatically acquire experience in a certain time through beautiful music performance, and monsters near the starlight symphony vice are attacked.

Gather the same period ‘Star Card’ and get a lot of experience to get a lot of experience. You can participate in the game with a party that consists of up to three people, and you will be able to compend on the test by completing the total three stages in a manner that topes the same card.

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In addition, as part of the ‘Spring Spring Project’, which is in progressing the game convenience, it has been reorganized to improve all fourth former skills to the maximum level without the Mastern Book, and the improvement of the various content I was on.

In addition, ‘Zakkum’, ‘Bao Latus’, ‘Hellar’, ‘Horntail’, ‘Balleon’, ‘Archill’, ‘Caudon’, ‘Pink Bin’, Suu ‘,’ Damian ‘,’ Guardian Angel Slime ‘,’ Lucid ‘,’ Will ‘,’ Dunes’, ‘Dunes’,’ Jean Hellar ‘,’ Selected Seren ‘,’ Selected ‘ I changed three times.

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