Performance Improvement Success, Com2us Holdings 2021 Holidays 87.8% ↑

Com2us Holdings had a place to explain its new NFT platform C2X with its fourth quarter and 4Q02 and annual earnings announcements.

Sales and operating profit, net profit of 4Q201, and net profit, respectively, 54.6%, 959.2%, and 102.1%, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively. Positive situations are in the formation of the rise.

Then, in 2021, Com2us Holdings sales and operating profit, net profit of W145bn, W44.5bn and W145bn. 8.4%, 87.8%, and 52.5%, respectively, respectively. The net profit of the pulling has created the highest net profit of the past, which is solved by a company-wide effort to strengthen the solid performance and continuous efficiency of existing IPs.

Com2us Nerfing Triple String Masters (3SM) Raid 5 Team | Summoners War

In addition, Com2us Holdings announced that it is planned to open in March, which comes in March, a platform C2X, a platform C2X, which was introduced last year. The company has introduced the platform to the platform, “introduces the open platform that blocked by the block chain, based on a large ecosystem, community-type design connected to one of the various games, and the open platform. It is an object of the purpose of building an ecosystem that can maximize the transparency of participants and develops all stakeholders using the platform to a protocol economy that can share profits.

In addition, the game lineup that was prepared to launch global launches by using NFT technology. Four publications with 8 total of 8 games, four self-developments (chromatics Soul: Aft RAID, MARBLE RACE (Gaseous), Crypto Superstars, Creature) and 4 publications (Hi Ella, Alchemist), Walking Dead: All Stars (Gentlemen), World of Genoia. The works will continue to be released by the first quarter of this year, and Com2us Holdings said, “I want to prevail the game market that is quickly blocked.” When we broaden the range as the entire development of Com2us, we added that more than 20 games are being released.

Currently, C2X coins were issued and have started to discuss multiple overseas large exchanges. Com2us Holdings will begin to launch related games as ‘Croissant Soul: Aft RAID’, and will be able to introduce the NFT exchange that can trade a variety of items such as equipment and illustrations.

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