German football museum intends to sacrifice the holocaust

The German Football Museum has thought of the victims of the Holocaust with a special action on Thursday.

The Institution of the German Football Association (DFB) under the title “Never forget” an online lexicon pursued Jewish footballer published the international remembrance day. The work deals with the life stories of more than 200 Jewish players and officials, which shaped German football until the time of National Socialism.

Among other things, Bavaria Munich, Schalke 04 or Eintracht Frankfurt with its club archives participated in the compilation. “The National Socialists not only deleted life, but also memories,” said museum director Manuel Neukirchner: “The counterfeis Football Museumy successful Jews were removed from scrapbooks, scratched their names of commemorative plates, their faces from club photos and deleted their successes from record lists.”

The Path to Nazi Genocide
With the lexicon, the museum “Make aware of the fate-made and murdered Jewish Football Museums pioneers, who once gave important impetus to soccer in Germany. In addition, it is our concern to set a permanent sign against any anti-Semitic and racist tendency in today’s football,” He led out.

Among other things, the work involves the biography of the seven-time national player Julius Hirsch, which was murdered in the KZ Auschwitz.

Many first, second and third divisions thought on Thursday under the embassy “Never again” the victims of the Holocaust. “There were victims, fellow runners and offenders – even at Bayern,” said the Munich Board Boss Oliver Kahn: “We all have to maintain the memory of our history. We are committed to upcoming generations and sacrifices to ensure that there are no fellow runners And there will be perpetrator anymore. “

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