Luigi Actor Charlie Day Comments on “Ultra Secret” Super Mario Movie

Charlie Day, the actor who will play Luigi in the animated film, shared some brief new comments about Super Mario’s next movie, but do not expect to learn too much about Nintendo’s new film project. Day referred to the film as “UltraSecreta” during an appearance in jimmy Kimmel live and said that he even knows little about the film in which he is working.

The appearance of Day in the Kimmel program can be seen on the clip below, where the couple discussed Super Mario’s film, among other topics. He confirmed that he was indeed working on the film and that he had just finished making some recordings on the day of him with Kimmel, but that was all he could say on the subject.

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“I am playing Luigi,” Day reiterated after the role of him was announced months ago along with the rest of the main cast. “In fact, I was recording that this morning, and I would love to tell you everything, but they are ultrascretos with these things.”

When asked if he had read the script, Day continued saying “I do not know anything” and that he was only told that he said different things during the recordings. One would think that Luigi being Mario’s brother, Day interacted and recorded with Chris Pratt, the actor who will play Mario in the film, but DAY said that was not the case. He continued saying that he and the others would enter one at a time and that they were separated from each other.

Along with Pratt and Day, the Super Mario film will have several other renowned actors and actresses that will interpret the various known characters throughout the mushroom kingdom. Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Key, Anya Taylor-Joy and more have already been confirmed for his papers. It has also been confirmed that Pratt will not make an Italian accent for Mario and has been working on his own version of Mario’s voice, so he is also expected that the other characters lack accents.

Super Mario’s new film is scheduled to be released on December 21, 2022.

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