Twitch: Why Man Intimate

Twitch-Banns in conjunction with too much naked skin or the films of toilets we know enough, but the spell for CSGO Streamer CSGoambi we have not seen in this category in this way. The streamer meant it too well with the advertisement for a product that is intended for the intimate shaving.

Twitch streamer word aangevallen

Whoever consumes podcasts or other sponsored media has probably ever heard of Manscaped. The company sells toiletries, but above all, they make advertising for their razors via Podcaster and Streamer. It’s all about the right product for the shave down, if you understand…

The intimate razor in the LiveStream test…

Twitch: Why you may not test intimate razors in the LiveStream… (1) Source: Twitch CSGOAMBI On January 27, 2022, the Streamer CSGoambi – a small channel that has only been streaming for about April 2021 – inexplicably an electric shaver in the Hand and showed everything you should not necessarily show. Since the channel now blocked and the clips have been removed, it is impossible to understand the context of this moment, but either Csgoambi did not know that the camera was on, he knew it did not know that it would violate the rules, Or he knew exactly that he would be locked. Either way he continued.

It does not surprise that the clip quickly made the round on Reddit and social media (we spare you a link to the clip…). That nudity and, above all, the turnout of the intimate area on Twitch is not allowed (at least in most categories), should be clear and pulled a spell of the streamer. Was he perhaps on a sponsor deal? We remember: Already the naked rear view of Gordon Ramsay was too much for the Twitch responsible.

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